Our Story

Our Story

So, let me start off by saying this – this isn’t a conventional corporate “our story” blog post, about how great our team is, and how massively we’ve grown (although both are true), that just wouldn’t be authentic. Our story starts with the brain of a young marketer who had just been cut from her job. So, without further ado, let’s get it cracking…


Let me introduce myself, I’m Maya. I left school to pursue a career in digital – sounds romantic right? Well, it was far from it (at the time). My passion started with writing, I loved to write, I’d been writing as a child and dreamed of being a substantive editor, which would later enable me to become an author. So, I dropped out of college (to much disgust of my peers, teachers and family members who thought I’d be going to Oxford because i got 8A*s or whatever) and decided to looking for an apprenticeship in publishing. Unfortunately, no one was offering publishing apprenticeships, probably because this is the 21st century and print is dying, so I was told my best bet was digital marketing. I was in a decent enough position because my grades were good, I had picked creative and media subjects for AS level and had worked with my dad who was a graphic designer, so I found myself as levelling up as an apprentice quickly. To cut a long story short, I became in love with digital marketing and found myself in digital marketing managerial roles for three different companies. However, the worst thing happened, I suffer with depression and whilst I was on medical leave, I was fired. Yeah, sucked and I felt – what’s that word that rhymes with sucked, but begins with an F…? Yeah that.

The Silver Lining

With no clue on how to run a business, but plenty of knowledge on how to market one, I decided that the only possible solution would be to take my passion and creativity and channel it into a business of my own. So with my 2012 model, 13″ MacBook and the little scraps of savings I had, I decided to create a business which I needed when trying to filter through marketing agencies that just weren’t cutting it in my old job. And thus, in a room in Bedford  (thanks Steve) a name was chosen “Digital Maestra” and my baby was born.

But, Why “Digital Maestra”?

“Maestra” means teacher in Spanish.  To me, Digital Maestra was the perfect name because it embodied our brand values. For me, the primary role of a teacher is to help elevate and level up students, provide a foundation for them to grow from, and  that’s what we intend to do with brands… to me that’s what was missing when I was looking for help managing brands. There’s plenty of digital marketing businesses out there, but finding an agency that also supports and helps educate the business was hard to find.

Where We Are Now

Just like any business, we are continually growing, working on projects that span across multiple industries, like skin care, the automotive industry, retail and real-estate. But, this is still just the beginning, we have so many surprises that your small business will love, so if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe.

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